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Our Story

The Z FIT Company

Three people joined together by their love of family and community:

The Wise One
The Loving Encourager 

& the Passionately Unorganized Dreamer

We are friends, we are family.

We are completely and authentically committed to our mission & to you.


We saw a gap in the athletic apparel industry when it came to quality, price, & purpose.  We wanted to bridge that gap with so much more than a "fix it" kind of product.  Through community and accountability, our apparel taps into the passion that transforms the human experience with power, love, and self-discipline.  We self-design and work hand in hand with like-minded companies to produce innovative and performance minded clothes. Carefully curated fabric with a style and wear that will impress every time.


Clothes you can wear for any occasion—

Gym, Work, Play, & Everything in Between.

They say what you wear says a lot about who you are.

When you wear our clothing, it is with the knowledge that you are a part of something so much bigger than yourself. 


We wanted to give you our hearts, in full and in the most genuine of ways.

Our intent is to build a community where we uplift each other, build lasting relationships and change lives for the better.  A place where everyone has a voice, a purpose and something to add.  We can change lives without a second guess, without question.


Because the truth is, we have learned that life is nothing if not a moment in time where we can come together to learn, to inspire, and to grow. And dear friends— that is what we're made for. Life is absolutely impossible & unenjoyable without one another.

We are not the kind of business that measures our success by profits alone, but rather by the impact & freedom it is bringing to the children's lives we touch. A passion to return unheard voices & unclaimed power to those who are unaware of just how much they have and who they are— to make that the norm.  With a great sense of pride we pledge a percentage of all our profits will go to helping to stop child predators & free children from the vicious cycle of trafficking. 



Join Us

Follow Along

& thank you for helping to foster change


Above all else 

Know Your Worth

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ZFITCO | Atlanta | Athletic Apparel | Workout | Gym | Weights
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