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Our Story

The Z FIT Company

A lot of people ask why - and we're here to tell you exactly that.


We saw a gap in the athletic apparel industry when it came to quality, price, & purpose. 
Bridging that gap
is so much more than a "fix it" kind of problem.  But, it's a problem with a beautiful and continuous solution —


Above all of the fancy words you'll read below and the amazing content you'll see throughout our website and social media is our PURPOSE:


We exist and will continue to exist to aid the awareness and resistance against

child sex trafficking.


moving in freedom. returning their freedom.

Through community and accountability, our apparel taps into the passion that transforms the human experience with power, love, and self-discipline.  We self-design and work hand in hand with like-minded companies to produce innovative and performance minded clothes. Carefully curated fabric with a style and wear that will impress every time.


Clothes you can wear for any occasion—

Gym, Work, Play, & Everything in Between.

They say what you wear says a lot about who you are.

When you wear our clothing, it is with the knowledge that you are a part of something so much bigger than yourself. 


We wanted to give you our hearts, in full and in the most genuine of ways.

Our intent is to build a community where we uplift each other, build lasting relationships and change lives for the better.  A place where everyone has a voice, a purpose and something to add.  We can change lives without a second guess, without question.


Because the truth is, we have learned that life is nothing if not a moment in time where we can come together to learn, to inspire, and to grow. And dear friends— that is what we're made for. Life is absolutely impossible & unenjoyable without one another.

We are not the kind of business that measures our success by profits, but rather by the impact & freedom it is bringing to the children's lives we touch. A passion to return unheard voices & unclaimed power to those who are unaware of just how much they have and who they are— to make that the norm.  With a great sense of pride we pledge a percentage of all our profits will go to helping to stop child predators & free children from the vicious cycle of trafficking. 



Join Us

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& thank you for helping to foster change


Above all else 

Know Your Worth

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